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  You're new here! Welcome, please feel free to browse our store. Students click on the schools tab on the left tool bar to locate your program and items offered to assist you in your transition to a uniformed professional. Date: 18/08/2019 
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Please vist to access our new student internet order site.

Welcome Students to your one shop stop for uniforms, shoes and tools of your trade!

If you are new to the Castle Uniforms experience, here are some quick tips on how to purchase your required school tools. To those who have shopped before, thank you for coming back to visit! We appreciate you making us your number one resource!

To begin your student friendly shopping experience, please scroll down the page to find and click the State in which you will be studying. On your state page, find your Community College or University. Click on your school tab and then choose the program in which you will be enrolled. Once you have clicked and add the items you need to your cart you can advance to the check-out portion. That icon is on the top right of you screen next to the shopping cart. If this is your first time, then you can either continue without logging in or create your own unique login.

If you are returning customer, this where you will log into your account to continue your shopping experience with Castle Uniforms. On this next page fill out the information required by the asterisks and continue. This next page will ask you if you would like your order to be shipped to the same billing address or if you would like to choose another. If you would like to keep the same address, simply click the link underneath “Shipping/Billing Address on file with Castle Uniforms.” Then you will be prompted to enter your credit card information.

Congratulations you have then successfully made a purchase with Castle Uniforms!
3rd Party billing:
If a 3rd party will be paying for your student uniform accessory and supply purchase. Please make sure that you place your order, email a copy of the order to your 3rd party billing agency as well as sending us an email at There will be an additional $10 3rd party billing fee added to the shipping and handling total on your order when we email a copy to the agency. By supporting these conditions you help us keep costs down so that we may continue to provide the lowest student prices and best customer service possible. Thank you!

Castle Uniforms looks forward to being your resource for your student life, graduation, and into your professional endeavors!

RETURNS/EXCHANGES: Please use the separately attached return/exchange form for all returns and exchanges. Items that have been customized with a logo, engraved with a name, altered, or washed are not subject to return/exchange. We will happily assist you with exchanges on approved returnable items. If you are returning shoes, please remember to ship them in a box or bag, we will not accept shoes that the box has been taped up. Include this form with your garments and mail to CASTLE UNIFORMS at 243 Tallywood Shopping Center, Raeford Rd., Fayetteville, NC, 28303 with attention to GROUP SALES on the outside of the package, including the $10.00 for return shipping and processing of replacement merchandise, if applicable. We must be notified by email to within 5 days for all returns and exchanges.

All return items are subject to a $15 restocking fee, and Medical Supply Kits are not eligible for return or exchange due to their customized contents.

When an item(s) on an order is entered incorrectly by the customer, makes every attempt to catch and remedy these issues; however, will not be held responsible for making these corrections and the costs to return and/or reorder the item(s) is solely that of the customer. Shipping costs on ALL replacement or correction orders are non-refundable.

ALL Castle orders ship “SIGNATURE NOT REQUIRED” as most of our customers are not available during standard delivery hours to personally receive their package. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify their carrier, neighbors, doormen, building managers, etc. of the pending delivery if you have concern over leaving your package at your residence or place of work. As we utilize third party delivery services (UPS, Fedex, etc.), please note that it is up to the delivery driver to determine and insure the safe arrival of your package. Castle is not responsible for the package once it leaves the warehouse, although we will assist in problem resolution with the shipper involved. If you have provided a wrong shipping address and request forwarding assistance, you will be charged a $10 handling fee and all forwarding charges as incurred. If you refuse the shipment or have moved without providing the proper address, you will be responsible for all shipping fees incurred for refusal of package and reshipment to your new address.

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 Sphygmomanometer/Sprague Kit With Carrying Case  Love and Believe
Sphygmomanometer/Sprague Kit With Carrying Case Love and Believe
Our Price: $56.95
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ALG DEB 600 White Nappa
ALG DEB 600 White Nappa
Our Price: $129.99
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Ladies Rush  White
Ladies Rush White
Our Price: $69.99
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